2005_12_sbush.jpgWe finally have a Bush election that cannot be questioned. USC’s star running back, Reggie Bush, won the Heisman Trophy Saturday night in a landslide over his teammate Matt Leinert and Texas quarterback Vince Young. Leinert won the trophy last season which means two Heisman winners will be playing for the same team for the first time ever when USC faces Texas in the Rose Bowl on January 4th.

For New Yorkers the real question is which one of the three Heisman finalists will be playing for the Jets next year? Almost anyone would want Reggie Bush with his electric moves and explosive speed, but unless the Houston Texans can figure out how to win a game, the Jets will probably not be in position to draft him. That may leave them with a choice of the two QB’s and with Chad Pennington’s career in doubt that may not be a bad thing.

Photo via ESPN.com