David Ortiz; Photo: Amy Sancetta/AP

It was bound to happen, no? After the trouncing they received on Saturday night, it's a wonder that the Red Sox could even win a game in the AL Championship Series, but that's what they managed to do last night in 12 innings. The Sox won last night, or this morning, on a game winning two-run homer by David Ortiz off of Paul Quantrill. The game finally ended at 1:23, more than five hours after the game began, at a time when Gothamist is usually in dreamland. The game was the longest in ALCS history.

Now, all Boston needs to do is win 3 more, something that doesn't appear all that likely since no team in baseball history has comeback to win a 7-game series after a 0-3 deficit. Compounding that, and some little curse thing, the Red Sox have a taxed bullpen and Curt Schilling's ankle is in bad shape. Oh, and Pedro Martinez has the Yankees as his daddy.

The series is obviously not over, but the Red Sox Nation has to wonder how they can win this series now. There is hope, no matter how slim. The Red Sox were able to beat Mariano Rivera, which is a good start. Rivera, who entered the game in the 8th inning with a one run lead, gave up the tying run in the 9th inning

Pedro's daddy is in town, in his ballpark, and trying to eliminate his team from the playoffs as Martinez faces the Yankees this afternoon at 5 PM. Mike Mussina vs. Pedro Martinez. Bullpens spent. Time to fire up those transistor radios to catch the game or duck out of work a little early to catch the game.

Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP