I have two printers that I want to get rid of, but they're both unusable so I can't imagine a non-profit would want them. Are there any groups that recycle unusable electronics?
- Jenni

2005_01_ask_printer.jpgWhile we were mulling over your question, we stumbled across this op-ed piece in Sunday's New York Times (subscription required to view article). According to the article,

The city has addressed the problem in a limited way, by, for example, sponsoring recycling events with equipment makers Dell and Lexmark...Some companies do have programs to take back computers, although they charge the consumer...We recommend that consumers explore recycling options. One way is to go to www.nycwasteless.organd examine its lists of manufacturers' take-back programs for old computers.

We suggest you check out www.nycwasteless.org and see if there is a program that will meet your needs for your particular printers. We're glad you decided not to just throw them out, since according to the NY Times, "Many discarded electronic devices end up with the regular trash at an incinerator in New Jersey, where they can produce toxic fumes. Or they are taken to a landfill, where pollutants leach into the soil."