From the way back machine,'s Always Amazin' (by way of Deadspin) points us to this classic image from 1986. Classic on so many levels. It's never really been the same for any of the people pictured.

The caption of the image from the Daily News: "New York Mets' Dwight Gooden laughs off a right from heavyweight Mike Tyson as referee Darryl Strawberry supervises the event at Shea Stadium." Sadly, it's been downhill for Dwight Gooden is on the way to jail, Darryl Strawberry has also seen jail and kidney problems, and Mike Tyson still clings to hope as a prize fighter (not to mention that horrible face tattoo). Here's to hoping that the 2006 Mets won't end up down the same road.

Photo by Vincent Riehl/New York Daily News