Al Montoya; Photo: Martin Vloet/UMPS

After this weekend's NHL Draft, Rangers assistant GM Don Maloney declared that two of his picks were "absolutely home runs in my mind." Ranger fans have to hope he's right. The Rangers' first pick, number six overall, was University of Michigan goalie Al Montoya. Montoya is expected to be back at Michigan for at least one more year by their coaches and two more by his mother, who wants him to graduate.

Montoya, a 19 year-old sophomore from Glenview, Illinois is very happy to be with the Rangers. After being selected, Montoya said, "If I could've picked a team that I wanted to pick, the Rangers were the team. They're one of the best organizations in the league, and the city just makes you want to be there." Gothamist can't agree more.

Now, you have to wonder if the Rangers can turn this draft into a successful season when the players finally take the ice. With potential labor problems on the horizon for the NHL, the coming season is in jeopardy, so the draft results may not even matter.