2007_02_bigunit.jpgDuring a press conference with reporters in Arizona, former Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson complained about the New York City media treatment he had to endure. Acknowledging that the media was a problem, Johnson said, "'Oooh, he's surly and all that'; well you're damn right. If you're going to use me as a floor mat there ... write your own stories and not come to get to know me, then I don't want to sit there and give you my time." Here's more from the Daily News:

"The thing I got ticked about the most," Johnson said, "is a lot of times in New York there were people who wrote (stuff) that never ever bothered to come in and introduce themselves.

"I thought it was funny when I was in New York and I wanted to pitch every fifth day my first year, that people said, 'Why wouldn't you want an extra day? You're old,'" added Johnson, now 43. "See, there you go. I mean, sit down and talk to me."

If that's the way every athlete who plays in the city acted the way Johnson did, there would be no professional sports here! Sure, New York City's sports writers - especially the ones from the tabloids who love it when the new Yankees pitcher shoves a WCBS cameraman - are hard on players, but face it, the players are paid the big bucks. And if one would follow Johnson's logic, A-Rod should have left town last season. The Daily News' Mike Lupica writes that NYC is a results-driven place and Johnson "did nothing in the two games he was hired to win, Game 3 of the division series against the Angels and Game 3 of the division series against the Tigers."

Still, Johnson said, "I had a great time in New York despite what people want to say." Yeah, he had a great time cashing George Steinbrenner's check.

Photograph of Johnson after practicing at Arizona Diamondbacks spring training by M. Spencer Green/AP; Johnson says he feels great