A few coworkers have had deaths in their families this past year. I'm not close with these people (we say hello as we pass) however, in both cases they were former managers for short periods of time. I really don't want to attend the viewings or burials but what is appropriate in this situation? A condolence card? Flowers?

2004_07_askenvelope.jpgIn this situation, a card is all that's needed. In our experience, funerals are mostly for the sake of family and close ; if you didn't know the deceased, there's no real reason to go to the viewing. Flowers, too, tend to take on special significance in the context of a funeral. If you want to send a small arrangement to your co-worker you can, but, again, if you aren't close, it's probably a little too much. A nice card is appropriate and would let your co-worker know that you thought of them, which we're sure would be appreciated.