All is well at Gothamist HQ. As some of you may have noticed, we have been hard at work launching Austinist- check it out for some great SXSW music coverage today! We also have a couple of other announcements this week:

1. We've pruned our link-list a bit. To avoid any confusion, we've also put our link-list policy on the policy page. If you believe your site was deleted in error, please let us know. The policy:

Gothamist loves to read other sites, and we try to link to other websites frequently in our editorial. We often receive requests from other sites to be added to our right-column link list, and because space is limited in this list, we have established a list of criteria that a site must meet before we add them:

1. The site must be mainly about New York, because that is what we and our readers are most interested in.
2. The site must link to Gothamist, on their front page, because reciprocity is the key to any relationship. Please do not ask for a link if you do not link to us.
3. The site must be well-written, frequently updated, and mostly-positive in tone. No one likes a meanie.
4. The site must not be personal in nature- we link to personal blogs from our private sites, but not from Gothamist.

2. We are currently hard at work organizing our upcoming Philadelphia and Paris sites. If you happen to live in one of those cities and think you might want to be the lead editor, please let us know.

3. Two upcoming events: Gothamist/SixApart happy hour on Tuesday night at Sweet and Vicious, and Photobloggers 3 at the Apple Store in Soho on Wednesday. Be there or be square!