• Strahan doesn’t show up at camp: After repeatedly saying he would not hold out from camp this off-season, Michael Strahan found a creative way to break that promise: Claiming that he is suddenly thinking of retiring.

    Of course, we imagine that retirement would be postponed if the Giants decided to give him a raise from the current $4 million he is making. Strahan has been a wonderful player on the field, but this fake holdout just shows again that he puts himself above the team and the Giants would be wise to not give in to his blackmail.

  • Angry Kendall gets a lesson: Things are not great in Jets camp as well. Besides having to deal with the holdout of their top pick, the Jets have a very angry player on their hands. Pete Kendall doesn’t want to be a Jet anymore and he now feels that the team is taking that personally. Kendall was somehow assigned to the rookie dorm and put into practice with the second team. Clearly, Mangini is sending a message and Kendall would be wise to listen to it and stop complaining.
  • Igawa sent to Scranton: Yankee fans can rejoice, you won’t have to watch another Igawa start for the foreseeable future. With both Phil Hughes and Jeff Karstens ready to rejoin the club next week, Igawa was sent to AAA to work on his pitching. Admirably, Igawa took his demotion well, but it certainly seems like the Yankees are going to have a tough time getting much value out of their $46-million investment.