• A-Rod spins a new story: In an interview with HBO Sports, A-Rod went on another “praising Pinella” kick. Last year he called him “an angel from the sky” now it’s “like a father”. And, with his opt-out clause in his contract, this had led many to speculate that A-Rod is going to be a Cub next year.

    So, A-Rod worked up a very creative denial to that rumor by telling the Daily News, "Besides loving the Yankees, I love the American League. It's where I've played my whole career. So whoever writes that couldn't be more wrong."

    2007_03_pavano.jpgOf course, if the Cubs have say $150 million or so free after the season it would be a safe bet that A-Rod could learn to love the National League too.

    Last time A-Rod spouted off about Pinella it led to Torre saying some unflattering things about him in Sports Illustrated and then batting him eighth against the Tigers. Could A-Rod be hitting behind Doug Mientkiewicz come playoff time?

  • Pavano isn’t hurt (yet): 28 days until Opening Day and Carl Pavano has made it on and off the mound without incident. Pavano pitched two innings in the Yankees-Phillies game today and gave up a run. Tomorrow he will probably wakeup with a pulled hamstring.