- There's lots of stuff going on at Governors Island, like the golf tournament later this year, but this Saturday, 100 plus swimmers will be participating in the Governors Island Swim, a two-mile swim around Governors Island. The race starts at 8 a.m. in front Castle Williams, with competitors swimming south (counterclockwise) around the island. Organizers expect the race to be finished at about 8:30! While this is something that could be fun to watch - laughing at the stragglers from dry land, for example - the first ferry to Governors Island isn't until 10 a.m and half the island is closed to the public. If you do want to visit, the ferry is free this summer, so there's no reason not to check out the abandoned Army and Coast Guard station. Warning: there's a hot dog monopoly on the island.

- In news from the cycling world, it seems like Floyd Landis' amazing victory in the Tour de France has some "issues". It's reported that Landis tested positive for testosterone. And here Gothamist just thought he was just a man's man. Landis' team, Phonak, released a statement saying that Landis tested positive for "an unusual level of testosterone/epitestosterone" and that he was suspended pending the results of his backup test sample. The test was taken after stage 17 of the race, the race that brought Landis back from the brink of defeat and was called one of the best stages in Tour history. If it's confirmed that Landis did have testosterone in his blood, would that explain how he went from a horrible finish in stage 16 to the comeback he had in 17?

Photograph of Castle Williams by Tien Mao