2006_07_katesnow.jpg - Tonight at Shea Stadium (assuming these apocalyptic thunderstorms stop), Good Morning America Weekend Edition anchor Kate Snow will be selling cotton candy to the masses as the Mets face the Astros. Her stint as a vendor is part of GMA's Summer Dream Jobs segment (or something like that) where anchors do various jobs unrelated to reading stuff off a teleprompter. Could they not give her a slightly harder job? When you sell cotton candy, you barely have to walk anywhere, all the kids go right up to you.

- On this afternoon's Mike and the Mad Dog show (sans the Doggie), Mike Francesa pointed out that as of right now, the Mets only have two teams that are playing above .500 ball on their home schedule for the rest of the season (St. Louis and San Diego). He also wonders if Mets fans are upset that their team has such a great record only to have the Braves suck. Does the ineptitude of the rest of the NL East make winning the division any less sweet?

- As the Tour de France approaches its final stages, the race is essentially down to three cyclists. Oscar Pereiro of Spain has the overall lead with fellow Spaniard Carlos Sastre a mere 12 seconds behind. In third is American Floyd Landis, who is 30 seconds off the lead. Landis had what is being called one of the best stages in Tour history yesterday as he climbed back into contention after a horrible stage on Wednesday. The race will likely come down to tomorrow's time trial, where Landis should pass the two competitors ahead of him.