2006_11_sshox212.jpg - While he was at USC, Reggie Bush paid homage to his hometown by writing "619" on his eyeblack. Now those that live in New York City can show off their area code pride with "212" sneakers from Nike. We doubt the sneakers will be be quite as coveted as an actual 212 phone number (limitless availability and ugliness of sneaker). And while we're all for representing New York, what about 347, 646, and 718? 718's gotta have more street-cred than 212. Then again, those that actually have street-cred wouldn't be caught dead in these shoes. They're for the people that say...street-cred.

- Mike Mussina has taken up a cause. The 38 year-old Yankee pitcher has come out against the City Council proposal to ban aluminum baseball bats for city high school teams. Mussina, who is on the board of Little League Baseball, said through a press release from a bat manufacturer, "I can unequivocally state that non-wood bats are no more dangerous than their wooden counterparts." The bat ban wouldn't have any effect on Little League games. The city councilmember who sponsored the bill and the mother of an 18 year-old that was killed with a ball hit off an aluminum bat were both outraged at Mussina's statement.

- For those of you who like useless statistical information, here's a nugget for you. Marilson Gomes dos Santos, the men's winner of the NYC Marathon, finished 0.4% faster than the 2nd place finisher. That translates to 8 seconds and $55k in prize money. Jelena Prokopcuka's one minute margin of victory translates to 0.7% difference over 2nd place. Fascinating!