• It looks like only one player hasn't agreed to have their head shaved in the shave-fest for the Mets. Almost everyone in the Mets clubhouse is in on the head shaving. Even Mets GM Omar Minaya got into the act. While Aaron Sele won't be shaving his head until tomorrow (he's taking family photos today), Jose Reyes is undecided on the fate of his hair. At least Willie Randolph is a little forgiving on Reyes' desire to keep his hair, "He doesn’t have a regular ’do, he’s got a little style to it. It’s more of a decision to make." Who's doing all the clipping for the team? Centerfielder Carlos Beltran. Bald heads - perfect for playing baseball in the summer.
  • If you're going to run onto the field at Yankee Stadium, don't expect Hideki Matsui to give you a high five. Last night in the 9th inning, two fans ran onto the field at the stadium. One fan ran towards the Yankee leftfielder with his hand up, apparently looking for a high five. Matsui just nudged him aside and the fan was later tackled and arrested. The other fan was arrested near home plate. Both were charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with a sporting event and criminal trespass.
Photo of shaved Mets players in San Francisco by AP/Ben Margot