2006_06_swingedfoot.jpg - Last night on ESPN's Outside the Lines, the topic was the golf fans of New York and how different they are from your typical librarian-like fans. Some professional golfers ESPN interviewed found the loud, rash, in-your-face New Yorkers to be over the top, while others players said that it's something that doesn't bother them at all and shouldn't either (as they're paid pretty well). How the New York crowd behaves itself will be on display through Sunday as the U.S. Open is back in the area at Winged Foot in Mamaroneck. One of the most memorable examples of New Yorkers getting on a golfer's nerves has to be when Sergio Garcia flipped off fans during the 2002 U.S. Open. Of course, watching Garcia take a shot is reason enough to heckle. Message to those pro-golfers that have problems with the New York crowds: "Nut up."

- This weekend in Major League parks around the nation, baseball will be celebrating father's day by bringing awareness to prostate cancer and raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. While there won't be pink bats like mother's day, baseball players, managers, umpires, bat boys, and grounds crews and will be wearing blue ribbons and wristbands. The most noticeable change in Sundays games will be the change in the traditional 7th inning stretch. The 6th inning stretch, which will come with an announcement to the fans, represents the fact that one in six men will develop prostate cancer in the United States. That's a much easier message to stomach than a televised prostate exam on Good Morning America - for those that are wondering, Bill said that there was discomfort, but not pain, during his examination.