• Pavano gets sued and leaves camp: Carl is definitely keeping things interesting. Yesterday, Pavano was sued by the victim of his infamous car crash last August. As if that wasn’t enough, Carl left the team right before his scheduled start last night for “personal reasons”. Brian Cashman would not elaborate beyond that, but he did confirm that the lawsuit and Pavano’s absence were not related. Hopefully, whatever kept Carl out of camp can be resolved and we can start reading about Pavano only after he pitches.
  • Droughns to the Giants: Were you getting the feeling that the Giants forgot about the start of free agency last Friday? Considering their complete lack of activity so far, we couldn’t blame you, but they have finally done something trading for running back Reuben Droughns of the Browns for the always-injured Tim Carter. It’s questionable how much Droughns has left in his tank, but Carter has done nothing for the Giants and won’t be missed.
  • Sanchez to meet with Willie: Duaner Sanchez showed up to camp overweight and then started showing up late so Willie Randolph suspended him Thursday. Today Sanchez will meet with Randolph and Omar Minaya to find out if the Mets will levy any additional punishments.

Photo of Pavano by AP/Robert F. Bukaty