• 2007_06_nathansbite.jpgWhen will all this Kobayashi drama end?? We suspect that there will be story upon story about Takeru Kobayashi's jaw issues right up until next week's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. The Times talked to Kobayashi and says his jaw issues are genuine and that he is fit enough to compete on Wednesday. How many hot dogs "fit enough" means obviously remains to be seen. The Times also gets several gristly nuggets: Kobayashi was fitted with a mouthpiece to correct his bite and retrain his jaw muscles; the Tsunami, as Kobayashi is called, had a wisdom tooth removed to ease the pain and there's swelling because of it; he's only eating soft food and still can't open his mouth very wide, "In a test run today, he could not open his mouth wide enough to eat a hot dog bun, and could only stuff in one hot dog at a time."; and he can't do a times test run like he did last year.

    Even if Kobayashi didn't have to face Joey Chestnut, signs are not looking good for a seventh consecutive Mustard Belt.

  • Remember Anucha Browne Sanders? Well, her sexual harassment case goes on. In court papers released yesterday, Browne Sanders claims that a cheerleader - nay, Knicks City Dancer - said that Isiah Thomas told her to flirt with NBA referees before a 2004 game against the Nets. "What she told me was that Isiah asked her to go into the referees' locker room and make them happy." While we certainly don't condone the alleged actions of Thomas, isn't it true that the Knicks really need all the help they can get?

Photo of partially eating hot dog by Tien Mao on flickr