2007_02_jetertopps.jpg - If you're still buying baseball cards, you may have noticed that there are a couple of mistakes on the latest Derek Jeter card from Topps (full card pictured at left). The baseball card pictures President Bush waiving in the stands and Mickey Mantle in the dugout. Problem is that Bush wasn't at the game that day. Plus, everyone knows Bush is a Rangers fan and he would be flanked by tons of Secret Service. A spokesman for Topps told the Daily News: "Somewhere in between the final proofing and its printing, someone at our company - and we won't name names - thought it would be funny to put in Bush and Mantle." Jeter had no idea of the card stunt. The card may not be as valuable as eBay makes it though. Topps hasn't decided if they are going to issue a reprint or just go with the card as is.

- Any hopes the Knicks had of making the playoffs took a serious blow today as Jamal Crawford had season-ending surgery. The Knicks guard had surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right ankle one night after helping the Knicks beat the Miami Heat. The Knicks are two-games out of the final playoff spot and Crawford is their 2nd leading scorer at 17.9 points per game.