• No big trades at the deadline: Is anyone else worried about Isiah? The NBA trade deadline came and went and he didn’t add any huge contracts or mediocre players to the Knicks. Something must be wrong or did Jim Dolan finally stop the insanity?

    As for the Nets, it is hard to understand why they didn’t make a deal. With Vince Carter probably opting out of his deal at the end of the season and Jason Kidd getting older and older, this would have been a great opportunity to start the rebuilding process. Instead, the Nets will play out the string and possibly win the division, though that isn’t saying much.

  • Mets have some problems of their own: What is it with guys leaving New York and ripping the manager from their new address? Cliff Floyd joined the club yesterday when he revealed that Willie Randolph was originally going to bunt after the first two runners reached base in Game 7 of the NLCS. "I thought he was going to bunt. He thought about it, but Jerry talked him out of it. That's what bench coaches do, I guess,” Floyd said. Then again, maybe this is Floyd’s way of trying to get off the hook for striking out.

    While the Mets no longer have to worry about Floyd, they do have to worry about their rotation. After not adding any arms during the offseason, the news that El Duque has headed back to New York for tests on his sore neck. At least it isn’t his arm, but how long will it be before Aaron Heilman gets his wish and is moved to the rotation?

Photo of Isiah Thomas during last night's Knicks loss by AP/Rusty Kennedy