2006_06_sdolandunce.jpg - Aww poor James Dolan, he doesn't like it when people pick on him and make a little website asking him to sell the team. Cafe Press got a nice letter from Dolan's lawyers saying that the Selltheknicks.com store was infringing on his intellectual property, specifically his likeness and his name. Can Knick fans send a letter to Dolan's lawyers claiming infringement on their loyalties and better senses? Selltheknicks.com says they are fighting the move.

- In a case of small news becoming slightly larger news, Lastings Milledge has been the subject of some criticism after his celebration on Sunday. In Sunday's extra-innings Mets loss to the Giants, Milledge hit his first career home run and tied the game in the 10th inning. Before the 11th inning started, Milledge high-fived the fans as he ran out to right field. If you ask us, it probably wasn't the best thing to do, but it's the media making mountains out of molehills. The kid was just excited, that's all. Milledge has since said he doesn't regret the actions and the Giants don't really care either (probably because they went on to win the game).

- And in the MLB First First-Year Player Draft, the Yankees selected Ian Kennedy, a right handed pitcher from USC, in the first round. The Mets, without a first round pick because of the Billy Wagner signing, selected Kevin Mulvey, a right handed pitcher from Villanova.