2005_11_marathonlogo.jpg - This year's New York City Marathon could very well see an American woman win for the first time since 1977. Deena Kastor, the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist and US marathon record holder, announced that she will be participating in the November race. Kastor won her first marathon last year in Chicago and set the American record when she ran the London Marathon earlier this year.

- The Giants and Jets have chosen a company to market the naming rights for their planned stadium. While the future home to the two teams is not scheduled for completion until 2010, it's expected that the stadium could fetch a record figure. The estimated cost for the stadium is at over $1 billion already and could rise from increasing material costs. Currently, the highest price paid in the United States is $10 million a year for Houston's Reliant Field. Because the stadium for the Giants and Jets will house two teams and is in the nation's largest media market, that figure should go up by a lot.

- Do you play golf in the city? If so, have you noticed the improvement of the public courses? That's because of a partnership between the city and companies like American Golf Corporation. American Golf, which has operated six courses in the city since 1983 (its contract was renewed in 2003) is in the process of $26 million in improvements to the courses it manages with no cost to the city. The NY Sun reports that New York City received $6.2 million in rent from its 13 courses in 2005. If you want to play these courses, check out the Park's Department website, where you can find locations, costs, and reserve a tee time.