How good are the Nationals at home? Besides being the best home team in baseball, the last time they didn't win a home series was against the Phillies in late April. How good has Livan Hernandez been? No losses since April 19th. Both streaks ended last night as the Mets beat the Nationals 5-3. Of course, this doesn't mean the Mets are anything special, just that the Nationals and Livan Hernandez are pretty damn good.

The Mets won despite some Bad News Bear-like action on the basepaths. Gothamist has seen softball leagues with better baserunning. With the bases loaded and no outs in the 6th inning and a chance to blow the game open. While they did manage to score 3 runs, it seemed like there was a chance for many more. Ramon Castro was thrown out at first base for the 1st out after a ball hit David Wright in the back. Livan Hernandez, who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, out of position and backing up the catcher in front of the plate, picked up the ball and threw out Castro at first as he rounded the bag. The other two outs came on a double play to Jose Guillen in right field. Miguel Cairo hit a fly ball to short right field that Guillen caught and doubled up Marlon Anderson with.

Tom Glavine pitched 5 2/3 shaky innings in the victory, his 6th, and allowed 3 runs and 9 hits. Newsday reports that Glavine is open to a trade, but that there is a "real short list of teams" that he would consider going to. Glavine also says that he isn't just thinking about 2005, but about next year and maybe the season after. "I have concerns beyond just being traded for this year. If I'm going to be traded and spend two more years somewhere then it's real important as to where that is." It's believed that Glavine wants to reach the 300 win mark and at 268 with the Mets after last night's win, it's looking kind of tight for the 39 year old.

Photo of Sony's QRIO prototype before throwing the first pitch; Photo by AP/Nick Wass via ESPN