Joe Torre opened his press conference this afternoon by saying that he had “just gotten off the phone with George Steinbrenner and he has informed me that I will be the manager in 2007.” So closes one of the more bizarre 48 hours in Yankees’ history. First we heard Joe was gone, then he was coming back, and then no decision had been reached. (And somewhere in there, Giuliani called Steinbrenner to save Torre's job.) Now we know, Torre is returning.

The question is; what is he returning to? This team has to upgrade its pitching, so is Barry Zito going to be joining the rotation. After demoting A-Rod to the 8th spot, it is reasonable to assume that Joe might be sick of him and happy to see him go. Would the Yankees explore a trade with the Angels? The Angels and Astros made strong bids for Miguel Tejada at the trade deadline and the Yankees would be smart to see if they could receive similar deals where Ervin Santana or Roy Oswalt being the primary return.

Beyond the A-Rod soap opera, the Yankees have to decide whether or not to pick up Gary Sheffield and Mike Mussina’s options. Since Sheffield took another swipe at the organization on Monday, Gothamist votes to send him packing and see if they can get Mussina back at a lower salary next year.

What do you think, are you happy that Joe’s returning?

Photograph of Joe Torre during today's press conference by Frank Franklin II/AP