2006_01_arts_humane.jpgWe've been looking for a way to discuss the newly opened Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn. The vintage chain just opened recently for all of your thrifty needs. They're also a bunch of do-gooders, teaming up for the next few months with the Humane Socieity to give the fur back to the animals!

So take off that fur coat Cruella and bring it, and your faux fur apparel (including fur trims, fur accessories, hats, gloves, and muffs) AND your shearling to the Buffalo Exchange and let the staff know it's a donation for the Humane Society. Condition is unimportant, the furs are used as bedding to provide comfort for orphaned and injured wildlife. We're betting they could even chop up your UGGS.

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Now through April 22nd (Earth Day!) // 504 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn