2005_11_19_students.jpgSo speaking of generosity, we got a solicitous letter from our alma mater yesterday that we wanted to share with you.

Normally we do our darndest to to not read mail from schools we attended, but its not everyday that we get mail from our elementary school. And it is even rarer that our elementary school would write us to ask for money not for themselves but for a school in Afghanistan!

It seems that since 2002 P.S. 3 has been teaming up with a program called School of Hope to help finance a school in rural Afghanistan while simultaneously using the relationship to better educate its own students. Over the past two years the school has managed to raise nearly $50,000, but it needs more in order to continue the program. So if you are thinking about doing some holiday donating, and don't like the Times' Neediest Cases, think about giving to our favorite public school in the Village.

Photographs of P.S.3 students counting money (top) for Afghani children (bottom) by Ruby Washington and Scott Eells for the NY Times.