Suzie WongPrudence, Slate's advice columnist, gets a letter from a woman whose husband has a thing for Asian women (the couple is Caucasian. Prudence tries to explain the appeal of Asian women:

Their attraction for American men is nothing new; they can be exotic-looking, along with having the cultural stereotype of a docile, man-pleasing submissiveness. This, of course, is not necessarily the reality.

Needless to say, Gothamist was laughing when we read this. Of course, it is a serious problem for the woman, but we were obviously remiss in thinking that the days of men thinking of Asian women as Suzie Wong were over. Being in New York, with other people who are used to seeing Asian women in all forms and graces probably has something to do with it. And, to close, as thousands of doomed visitors to Southeast Asia have learned, prudence is the order of the day when dealing with yellow fever.