Visitors to Prospect Park this past Sunday may have noticed how their fellow park-goers chose to celebrate American independence—by trashing a few acres of park grounds. Raphael Brion was one of those visitors, and he snapped a few photos of the post-Fourth carnage to share with us on Flickr.

But press director Eugene Patron with Prospect Park Alliance says this kind of trash torrent isn't unusual: "Any holiday weekend, it's always a challenge to clean up, whether that's Memorial Day, Labor Day, or July 4th." Patron explains that trash crews can't move collection trucks safely through the park at night, "especially because people so many people stay in the Park later at night in summer. Its not safe to try and move a truck through a crowded Park, especially as it gets dark...We can't clean it all by 7 in the morning...when the dog-walkers are out taking photos of this. You have to give us a few hours to get it all." He adds that some park-goers haven't helped matters by moving trash cans, turning them into barbecue grills, and then not returning them.

Have you been to Prospect Park since Sunday? If so, let us know how the park looks. Is the garbage gone or does it still look like a small circus rolled through?