2006_07_nyclacrosse.jpgJust what you've been waiting for: Our fair city has its newest sports franchise. The National Lacrosse League is brining a franchise to the Big Apple, and four of the games will be at Madison Square Garden. Mayor Bloomberg played intramural lacrosse at Johns Hopkins, and the NY Times writes that he "showed off his command of the sports esoterica":

I know you all agree with me that there’s nothing quite like a middie clamping down on a rock on a face-off, scooping it up and cradling it with his wand and then dishing it off to a crease attackman who stuffs it into the back of the cage.

Huh, it actually sounds kind of dirty. Lacrosse is apparently the fastest growing sports franchise in the country, so New York was eager to bring it on. Check out the Lacrosse Meetup of NYC.

Chicago was named a NLL expansion team in February, giving them TWO pro lacrosse teams. The NYC Lacrosse team needs a name, though, and they are accepting submissions on the website. The other teams are Arizona Sting, Buffalo Bandits, Calgary Roughnecks, Chicago Shamrox, Colorado Mammoth, Edmonton Rush, Minnesota Swarm, Philadelphia Wings, Portland LumberJax, Rochester Knighthawks, San Jose Stealth and Toronto Rock. What do you think would be a good name? The NY Times suggested the Edgy Egg Creams, Slashing Skyscrapers and Attack Apples. We like the Attack Apples, and we're also thinking Gotham Grit, City Scrapers or the New York LAXatives.