My family is going to be in NYC for Christmas, and I'd like to
take them to a nice Christmas dinner on the 25th. Do you know of any restaurants that have special Christmas menus on the big day?


Citysearch has a roundup of some of the classier joints that will keep their doors open on Christmas with special prix fixe. The list includes such landmark restaurants as 21 and The River Cafe, which, with its incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, is perfect for any out-of-town relatives. Call ahead for reservations and more specific details, but be warned that these options are not cheap. Christmas dinner at River Cafe, for example, will run you $95 per person.

About.com has this list with some prix fixe menus starting at $45 per person. Not too shabby, considering it's a special occasion. You might have to start your dinner early, however, as some of the restaurant on About's list close early on Christmas Day.

Painting of the 21 Club by Paul Corvino.