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Tonight marks the end of the NBA regular season. Depending on the results of tonight's Nets/Celtics and Cavs/Raptors games, Jason Kidd will either head off to the playoffs the golf course. The Nets are tied with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs for the final playoff spot. The Nets own the tiebreaker, so the odds are good that the Nets will live to see another year in the postseason.

All of this is happening thanks to wins last night by both New Jersey and Cleveland, who both now own a 41-40 record.

Here's how it plays out this evening:
Nets win = Nets make the playoffs, probably playing Miami.
Nets lose, Cavs lose = Nets make the playoffs, and LeBron shoots like 800 or so Nike commercials with his spare time.
Nets lose, Cavs win = LeBron makes the playoffs, and Vince Carter goes fishing.
Nets win, Sixers lose = Nets move to 7th seed and play Detroit, home of the NBA's nicest fans.

Confused? Don't worry, just watch the games tonight, check ESPN, and they'll explain it all over the next 24 hours.

Photo via Ezra Shaw/NY Times