1. Brooklyn Ramblings pointed us to this great elevation map (PDF file) of the marathon route on the official marathon website. We all know that the Verrazzano Bridge is the highest point of the race, but that's early in the course. The bumps at 8 (around Fort Green where the courses combine), 16 (the Queensboro Bridge), and 24 (Central Park) are probably harder to summit.
  2. The Daily News looks at the crazy costumes worn during the marathon.
  3. American women's marathon record holder Deena Kastor is profiled in amNew York
  4. Lance Armstrong will have a crazy team of people who will pace him: Past marathon winner Alberto Salazar and Joan Benoit Samuelsson and Olympic 1500m and 5000m champion Hicham el-Guerrouj!
  5. Paul Tergat and Hendrick Ramaala will duel again!
  6. And there is a sad NY Times column (Times Select unfortunately) by Clyde Haberman about Dr. Carl Henry Nacht, who would have run his 30th marathon this year. Nacht was killed when a tow truck hit his bike on the West Side bike path in June. From the column:

    He deserved better than to die as he did. He deserved better than the contemptible way the driver and other workers at the tow pound behaved as he lay dying.

    “The guy never even came over to see what had happened,” Ms. Kelly said in a near-whisper. “He got out of his truck and walked away.” As she pleaded for someone to call 911, the driver and some of his colleagues “just stood off and watched,” she said. “Nobody offered anything, nothing like, ‘Can I help?’ That all came from other bikers who came upon the scene.”

    The police deemed the collision an accident. Now, Ms. Kelly is suing the city, whose Law Department declined to comment on the case, though offering her its “deepest sympathies.” Her purpose, Ms. Kelly said, is to prod officialdom to rethink its traffic priorities. “The car dominates rather than it being probably the last choice for a city like this,” she said.

    Nacht's niece will be running with his number in the marathon, and her time will be counted as his.