guasha.jpgThe Post's Bridget Harrison tries different ways to get her boyfriend out of her system, after she says excessive drinking isn't doing the trick. Her friends otther her narcotics, like Vicodin, Paxil, Ambien. Harrison tries to go slightly healthy, by way of Gua Sha, an Asian alternative medicine.

Hee, Gothamist is reminded how one time, when worried we'd have a panic attack, took out some Paxil. Gothamist's prescription for getting that old boyfriend or girlfriend out of your system:
- Call up the friend who is best at spouting vitriol.
- Have a fling.
- Get a haircut/manicure/facial (dudes, try it, you'll feel better).
- Avoid any place you'd ever gone with that person, or if you can't avoid, take somebody new there, preferably when the ex is there or the waiters or bartender who saw you there together, to reclaim it.
- Listen to some Lil Kim ("I dug him/ I fucked him/ It wasn't nuthin'").
- Obsessively read online advice about "getting over" a relationship. The best of the bunch? Break Up Girl, hands down.