I have conflicting political positions. I disagree with most of Bush's policies, and part of me is kind of glad the war in Iraq is going badly so as to discredit him. However, I hate having these negative feelings as soldiers are killed. Is there a way to disapprove of Bush and still support the troops?

donkey!The best way to reconcile political dilemmas like this one is to read as much and find as much information as possible. Besides, these two positions aren't as contradictory as you'd think. Even if you disagree with our presence in Iraq, you can still support the troops generally, and acknowledge that they are working hard and risking their lives.

So, if you oppose him, don't vote for Bush in November, but perhaps find a way to support the troops in the meantime. Here are some ideas, which include volunteering your time or money for causes that get troops essential services and some extra perks like books and phone cards.

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