I'm looking for a green cloth (possibly made of felt) to cover the table I'll be using for poker games.  Do you know of a gaming supplies store in Manhattan or Brooklyn that would sell such a thing?  Supposedly, there's a special type of poker cloth (smoother than normal surface) that I'd really like to find, but that might be asking too much.


If you live in the Union Square area or have ever visited the Strand bookstore you've probably noticed Blatt Billiards at 809 Broadway. As the name suggests, they have a lot of pool tables and billiards supplies, but they also carry a full line of gaming supplies like cards, dice poker tables and, yes, the felt you are looking for. Call ahead to double check, but when last we were there - about three months ago - they had such felts in stock. Call 212-674-8855. If all else fails and you settle on regular felt, you can always head to one of the many fabric stores in Garment District.