2006_11_subsign3.jpgReader Jim sent us this sign he saw at one of the 14th Street L stations that was "taped to a column in the same haphazard fashion as legitimate MTA service change notices." But it turned out not to be an MTA service notice but a warning from the Lesbian Avengers!

Now, just so we're clear, I have one simple rule: I never sit on the train when there is a woman standing. Ever. Period; the end; no exceptions. There are those who would say that in this day of equality and women's lib, I have every right to sit where and when I please. And they may be right. But it seems to me that no matter how liberated we make our womens, or how absolute our equality becomes, women will still always wear heels and occasionally carry our children to term for 9 months. Those two things alone earn them a seat in my book -- case closed.

Good to know, even though there are many men AND women who refuse to give up their seats to pregnant women - the Today show proved that with their segment about rudeness!



But the sign was confusing; Jim continues:

It claims to be a warning, but how? According to the sign, the threat has already been carried out. So it's an ultimatum, then: stop, or we keep your train. But stop what? If the train has already been disrupted until such time as men stop hogging the seats, then how will we know when they've stopped hogging the seats?

Perhaps logic is not the lesbians' forte; or the avengers' forte. Or maybe it's just the Lesbian Avengers who have cognitive difficulty. Before I had time to decide, my train had arrived.

Yeah, it's a little confusing, unless the Avengers are trying to purposefully confuse perpetrators. Or maybe it's from a splinter group unhappy with the Avengers - the possibilities are limitless when you've got the Make Your Own MTA Sign Hack!