Ask MeFi got a fun question yesterday: How would you escape from Manhattan if disaster struck? What sort of 'go bag' would you go with? And so on. The answers are pretty interesting though, and we learned a fair amount including, but not limited to:

  • Owning a bike is probably a good idea in case of escaping a disaster.
  • But only kind of, as your biggest problem is probably huge crowds of other people.
  • Jersey and the Bronx are popular post-disaster destinations
  • But some people think you'd be best off stealing a boat and heading up the Hudson.
  • Similarly, some think it'd be a good idea to purchase an inflatable raft for the same purpose.
  • Some items recommended for a 'go bag' by the posters include a gun (if you can handle it), a swiss army knife, a flashlight, binoculars, a sleeping bag, a bungee cord, power bars, and our personal favorite, a towel.

But our favorite suggestions come from fatbobsmith who recommends:

If TV has tought me anything, and I'm sure it has, you have the following options when a catastrophe hits New York:
1. Start a gang of thugs and stake out your territory
2. Start off as a self-doubting teenager who is confronted by his own weaknesses and becomes a man
3. Become a mutant and hunt the "normals"
4. Become a tough, silent loner, meet a plucky yet cute girl that is kidnapped by thugs. Rescue her, fall in love and make sure the last thing you say is a clever one-liner
Extra credit: Use breakdancing to settle any disputes

So... What's your plan when disaster strikes?

Still photo from "The Day After Tomorrow"