Aaron Williams, Kerry Kittles, Jason Kidd; Photo: AP

Last night, the Nets lost the 7th and deciding game to the Pistons in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Why did we all know this would happen? Maybe because the Nets were blown out in their first two games and had to return to the scene of the crime? Or was it the fact that Jason Kidd was held scoreless in the playoffs for the first time in his career because of his back and knee ailments? Or was it just that the Pistons were the better team? Whatever it was, the Nets lost the game 90-69 (box score) and will not return to the NBA Finals this year. Chauncey Billups scored a game-high 22 points, with his teammates Richard Hamilton and Ben Wallace adding 21 and 18 points respectively. The Pistons now move on to play the Indiana Pacers to see who goes to the NBA Finals.

The Nets loss also means that Gothamist lost our bet with Whatevs in the Gothamist/Whatevs Smackdown. We here at Gothamist thought the series was well over after the first two games, but at least the Nets gave the 'Stons a run for their money. Uncle Grambo, what size T was that?