2005_12_smikewaves.jpgSunday, Mike Piazza agreed to a $2 million contract to return to the state where he began his Major League career, signing a one-year contract with the San Diego Padres. Staying in the National League, the 37-year old, joins the defending NL West champs and, according to his agent, was told that he could "catch as much as he wanted to." How much might that be? Reportedly about 90-100 games behind the plate as well as some action at 1st base and being the DH during interleague play.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Piazza's agent contacted the Yankees to let them know he was interested. Apparently, Brian Cashman found that Piazza would be a bad fit for the team. The Padres, however, didn't think so. It's good to see that Piazza will continue to play, but Gothamist isn't so sure it should be primarily as a catcher. Piazza and the Padres visit Shea Stadium in early August for a 3-game series.

Photo by Kenji Takabayashi/MLB.com