Brooklyn Bridge Park Update: Construction Moving Fast

<p>Looking west towards the city over a dug-out area that will become a salt marsh</p>

<p>Looking north towards the new hill, past terraces that will be interlaced with freshwater elements</p>

<p>The Cold Storage Warehouse, which will be demolished next month. Some of the timber and external fittings will be reused on the site as benches and other elements. According to the Development Corporation, a controversial condo and hotel complex is still scheduled to rise on the site-- proceeds of which will be used to fund the park. </p>

<p>Newly planted trees destined for Pier 1 (near Old Fulton Street) and Pier 6 (near Atlantic Avenue) sit at an acclimation site getting used to the environment.</p>

<p>Terraces made from stone recycled from the Roosevelt Island Bridge project, facing west towards the city.</p>

<p>Pier 2 structure, which will be partially covered with a clear ceiling to be used as a three season environment. </p>

<p>Children's area near Fulton Landing, looking towards Brooklyn Heights.</p>

<p>An inlet between Pier 2 and the rest of the park. Kayakers will be allowed to paddle through, while pedestrians will get to the pier over a small bridge. </p>

<p>At the top of the new hill, which was made from rocks excavated from the East Side Access Project (connecting LIRR to Grand Central.) The view includes three bridges, the Statue of Liberty, and the whole downtown skyline.</p>

<p>Shot of the north end of the site from the Promenade. Part of Pier 1, on the right, is slowly being stripped down to the piles, which will be used as a kayaking site. Pier 2 is on the upper left.</p>

<p>Paving stones taken from the Willis Avenue Bridge project will be used at the site. Pier 3, in the upper left, will be developed later if more funds can be raised. </p>

<p>One Brooklyn Bridge Park, with Pier 6 behind it. Pier 6 will open with Pier 1 this year. </p>