Jose Reyes, Jon Lieber; Photos: Reuters, Simmons

In two unrelated incidents over the weekend, Mets phenom José Reyes and Yankees pitcher Jon Lieber both injured muscles in their legs. Reyes injured his right hamstring while stealing second base in yesterday's spring training game. Lieber felt tightness in his groin while warming up for a start on Saturday.

The Mets are unsure of when Reyes will return, but with his injury history, a return before the start of the season looks unlikely. The worst thing for the Mets is that Reyes is making a move to second and has yet to play in a game with double play partner and Japanese-import, Kazuo Matsui. Lieber, coming off reconstructive elbow surgery in 2002, hasn't seen game action in 20 months. Now he's shut down for the rest of spring training and the Yanks are worried. Lucky for the Yankees, they start the season in Japan and won't need Lieber, their fifth starter, until April 10th. Conspiracy theorists can start speculating now.

Gothamist's note to José Reyes and Jon Lieber, "STRETCH!" While we don't exercise much, Gothamist actually gets tired just thinking about physical activity, we know to stretch when we do. Then again, we're not supposed to be stealing bases or throwing off a mound.