Sender beware...but we can still laugh at them and be secretly glad it's not us. Yet.

Yesterday, someone in Governor Pataki's office accidentally attached an internal, confidential memo about staff pay raises to a press release. Which is hugely embarassing, since the State has budget problems and the Governor had advocated a hiring freeze, 10% cuts at agencies, and limiting travel, according to the Daily News. Always always always check, double check, triple check attachments. But this proves that people can make bad, careless decisions when it comes to e-mail.

Yet this kind of e-mail mistake, while best to be avoided, is a different breed from the more interesting e-mails that have been the talk of the Internet. Namely, it's been the summer of indiscreet intern e-mails, whether mass-mails to friends that got forwarded to infinity or personal e-mail that was accidentally sent to, oops, the bosses. There have been three kinds so far, but there's still 6 weeks before the school year starts again:

Too Much Information - Intern for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Paul Kelly Tripplehorn sent a rather cruel e-mail to dump a lady friend, with classic passages like "By the end of the day if I wanted to, I could make a phone call and have your life absolutely ruined but there is no need because you are falling fast enough towards failure without me. In the end, all I can say is that people love me and people hate you. You should observe me and take a few notes on how to make real friends. Other than you tieing this one other person, I have never had such little respect for a human being in my life." While he was dismissed from his summer position, Gothamist thinks that "nonconsensual forwarding" (tm Choire) that brought his email to attention is really a blessing in disguise for everyone else: It's a public service, telling girls that this guy really sucks at dumping a girl.

Overeager - CAA talent agency intern Erin O'Brien who bragged about the stars she had seen but should really be taken to task for over-exclaimation, "So far I have seen Carlos Santana, Samuel Jackson, and Julia Roberts . . . and it's my first week!!! (Now you're reallllllly jealous)." O'Brien is clearly just very starstruck, which no one would fault (Gothamist's met Samuel Jackson and he's one of the niiiccceesst celebrities ever!!!).

Just Stupid - When you have a summer associate-ship at one of the top law firms in the country, don't be busting on how boring it is on the work email. Harvard law student Jonas L. Blank brilliantly used his Skadden Arps email address to send gems like "I'm busy doing jack shit. Went to a nice 2hr sushi lunch today at Sushi Zen. Nice place. Spent the rest of the day typing emails and bullshitting with people. Unfortunately, I actually have work to do--I'm on some corp finance deal, under the global head of corp finance, which means I should really peruse these materials and not be a fuckup..." to the senior partners. And then a few hours later, he apologized "with sincere regret" to the forty employees, including a fair number of partners, he accidentally sent the email to. People, people, people...use your school/Yahoo!/Hotmail accounts. Gothamist guesses it's an important first life lesson: Keeping work and personal, a.k.a. church and state, separate. [Via Memefirst, posted by Felix Salmon, perhaps the last person Gothamist would hope one of our insane e-mails makes it way to]

Aside from the time Jake sent Jen an e-mail subject titled "Fuck you, Fucko," the worst thing we can recall not really e-mail related: It was when a friend/co-worker text-messaged us how gross it was to see our adulterous then-boss with one of his mistresses, so gross that is was now making friend sick. But friend actually text-messaged the mistress. Oh, well.