Graphic from NYPost.com

A video showing Mets star pitcher Pedro Martinez at a cockfight in the Dominican Republican briefly surfaced online, outraging some people. Cockfighting is a popular - and legal - sport in the Dominican Republic, but it's illegal in almost all of the United States.

The Post explained that Martinez and Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal were "honorary 'soltadores' - the word used to describe the person who throws the animal into the ring...The bird released by Martinez appears to be killed on the video." Marichal, who does raise fighting roosters, has spoken about his father's passion for cockfighting and saying, "I think that's why I've got that in my blood."

The Mets haven't commented on the video, but PETA says that Martinez is setting a "terrible example" for fans. PETA even invites him to attend its Developing Empathy for Animals seminar that Michael Vick has participated in!

Do you think it's wrong for Martinez to be involved in cockfighting? Or is this being overblown because it's legal in the D.R.?