2006_05_pedro.jpgOf all the profiles of a New York Met we never imagined to see, finding about the Pedro Martinez loves gardening was pretty high on the list. But, lo and behold, there's a front page NY Times feature on Pedro's green thumb and his verdant Connecticut estate. So we learned:
- Pedro has a cockapoo; his golden retriever eats tulips
- Pedro doesn't go to Manhattan that much
- His wife comes to NYC to buy food and may join a volleyball league in Central Park
- He loves orchids

It's very sweet to know that Martinez is a tub of goo when it comes to flora, but we're more concerned with possible gardening injuries - please wear gloves, Pedro! Oh, and Pedro, here are some places in the city we hope you've visited by now: The New York Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

And why is so much of the Pedro Martinez merchandise still for the Red Sox? We'd get one of these Rollerz if he were in a Mets uniform.