Deion Branch; Photo: AP

Well, it seems like the end of the NFL season is now behind us. The Super Bowl is over with a 24-21 victory for the New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles. The game was a lot closer than some people predicted, but it was a great game. It was the first Super Bowl tied after one half and after three quarters. With a touchdown at the towards the end of the game for the Eagles, cutting the Patriots lead to three, there was high drama for those that put some coin on the game.

With their third championship in four years, pundits are tossing around terms like "dynasty," "best coach in NFL history," "first ballot hall of famer" around, but we digress. If Bill Belichick had his offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator returning, it's possible that the Pats would be a virtual shoe-in for their fourth win in five years. But with Belichick's mastery of the salary cap and stellar personnel decisions, it's possible he will be in Super Bowl XL as well.

We're just sad it's over. Gothamist is left with nothing but NBA action (fantastic!) until March Madness and baseball return.

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