2007_02_noparking.jpgA man jumped to his death from the 15th floor of 1133 Park Avenue yesterday afternoon. The man was impaled on a "No Parking" sign on the street, and by the time emergency services arrived, "the body had slid down the pole and was draped over a bicycle leaning against the pole," according to the Post.

Investigators don't know why the man leapt, but they suspect he had been working in an apartment at the building, which is located between 91st and 92nd Streets. The apartment was vacant, ready for its new owners to move in. The Daily News spoke to the former owner, who "said it would have been impossible to fall out the window accidentally," as there were no terraces or balconies, just windows with child-guard bars.

The authorities kept the body on the sign's pole for more than five hours. The victim was not identified pending notification of relatives.

Photograph of No Parking sign by Triborough on Flickr