2007_04_arts_paris.jpgNothing says "responsibility" like Paris Hilton. This prom season, the socialite's naked "corpse" will be used as an educational tool for teens getting ready for the big dance. The "corpse" was created by Daniel Edwards, who Hilton herself had reportedly commissioned to create a sculpture of her for Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. This probably isn't what she had in mind. The interactive PSA will be a life-sized replica of Hilton (with her privelaged pup Tinkerbell) wearing a tiara, gripping on to her cell phone, and containing...removable innards in her opened abdominal cavity. Somehow this is meant to warn teenagers about the hazards of underage drinking.

Why Paris? We suppose there's a direct correlation between the tiara-ed heiress and the prom queen. She isn't underage, she was however arrested for a DUI last year. Hear that prom queen, even the fabulous can fall (ahem, Miss USA). Ms. Hilton's debut will take place far away from the Sunset Strip, right here in Williamsburg. Along with the display, students will be encouraged to visit www.ParisHiltonAutopsy.com to view the making of the project and compete for prizes by writing Paris Hilton's obituary. Wonder if this was part of her community service agreement for that DUI.

So with Paris's legs up in stirrups for postmortem pelvic examination, what does the autopsy ultimately reveal? A "double abortion" of fetal twins discovered in her uterus. So, like, no sex on prom night either, kids.

Opening reception is May 11th from 6 to 9pm at Capla Kesting Fine Art [121 Roebling St, Williamsburg]. Gallery hours are noon to 6pm Tuesday thru Sunday.