The MTA announcement that alcohol would be banned from LIRR and Metro-North trains on St. Patrick's Day has caused quite a stir. The NY Sun has angry comments from barkeeps and even a State Senator. Irish State Senator Marty Golden said, "It definitely looks like stereotyping, and that's what the MTA should be faulted for. Some people do get out of control, but to focus on that day, and on certain segments of the population like that, is totally wrongheaded." Is that like Fifth Avenue apartment buildings putting up barriers during the Puerto Rican Day Parade?

The MTA also bans alcohol on New Year's, too, but another person, Don Rogers, the VP of NYPD Irish fraternal organization Emerald Society, said, "It's not fair that on other holidays they don't ban alcohol if they do it on St. Patrick's Day." Maybe the MTA has lots of rider data that shows many St. Patrick's Day attendees take the LIRR or Metro-North! But you tell us what you think:

We have a sense this is paving the way for an alcohol ban on the trains. And it turns out that people caught with alcohol will be fined $50.

Photograph of the line outside McSorley's last St. Patrick's Day at 8:30AM by hwgagain on Flickr