Nothing the Yankees do is without controversy. The proposed new stadium for the Bronx Bombers is coming under fire from some Bronx residents as the plan calls for the stadium to be built on two parks - the Macombs Dam Park and John Mullaly Park. The public hearing on the $800 million project had 85 speakers which the Daily News reports were chanting back and forth - "Build it now!" and "Not on the park!". The two parks, totaling 22 acres, is eventually to be replaced by 28 acres of new park.

The original plan for the stadium also included plans to redevelop the area around the stadium with an esplanade along the Harlem River, some athletic facilities, and three new parking garages which the city and state is to contribute $135 million and $70 million respectively. The city is to replace the parkland and the state is building the three garages which it gets the revenue from. The MTA also has to pitch in a new Metro-North station for the new stadium.

While Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión supports the overall redevelopment of The Bronx, he feels there should be a few other things built at the same time as the stadium - a hotel, convention center and a high school for sports careers (uhh...yeah...). Gothamist wonders if George is dreaming of Jersey right now. Probably not with the sweetheart land deal he got though.

Take a look at an aerial view of the site plan as given in the Environmental Impact Final Scope of Work to the Park's Department (PDF File).