Normally we run op-ed pieces on Sunday, but this one is about Earth Day, which is today! It was written by Molly Dobkin, the twin-sister of the publisher. Even though they are twins and share a telepathic bond, the opinions expressed in it belong only to her.

2006_4_earthday1.jpgToday is Earth Day. Usually, Earth Day is greeted with all the fanfare and celebrations of, well, Arbor Day (April 28, Peeps!). This year, however, Earth Day is enjoying a renewed amount of publicity due to the growing concern over global warming. Up until now, the American news media has chosen to cover the "wacky weather" side of global warming, rather than the alarming science fact. On the heels of recent scientific studies and images of melting glaciers, this trend seems to be changing.

Admittedly, global warming is a huge bummer. Our first tendency as New Yorkers might be to ignore the problem and hope that it goes away ("Polar Bears! I don’t give a *!#@ about no stinking Polar Bears!"). For all of us in this mind set, along comes the May 2006 issue of Vanity Fair, with computerized photographs projecting what New York City and other coastal American power-centers will look like in a mere 94 years, should climate change warnings go unheeded (pgs. 200-207). Let us just say that if these predictions come to fruition, noone will ever again have to engage in that debate over whether to take the West Side Drive or the FDR.

Don’t despair just yet! Apparently, there may still be time to avert this watery fate. In the same issue, there is an article entitled Fifty Ways to Help Save the Planet, a list of what we as individuals can do to lead more environmentally conscious lives. The magazine also profiles several key environmental "E-Gitators," including New York City’s own Treehugger, a web site which further details way to go from environmentally ignorant to environmentally savvy. They also give a shout out to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a group leading the fight to expose anti-environmental Bush administration policy. You probably haven’t heard it on the news, but even as he was calling us out for our "addiction to oil" in his State of the Union, Bush and his administration were trying to help their corporate cronies at ExxonMobil circumvent the Clean Air Act. In case you don’t already know, ExxonMobil is the linchpin in the evil carbon lobby coverup of the existence of global warming (the most exciting conspiracy this side of The Da Vinci Code!). If you want to join the growing fight against ExxonMobil, you can do so through Greenpeace.

Now that you’re feeling sufficiently depressed, lets get back to Earth Day. Because of the growing urgency behind saving our planet, there are a myriad of Earth Day celebrations and educational events going on around the city, from the Bronx Zoo to Grand Central. Find out more through the City’s Earth Day website. If you’re stuck inside with allergies or some such, tune in to Too Hot Not to Handle, a new documentary about you know what. So, to all you new Yorkers: Get your head out of the sand and have a Happy Earth Day!

When Molly isn't agitating for evironmental change, she teaches 3rd Grade at a Public School in the East Village. Surprisingly, she does not have a website.