eefers.jpgOn Sundays, Gothamist publishes opinion pieces on issues relevant to life in NYC. Here's one:

This time last year, all I wanted was for everyone to vote. Everything I did revolved around electoral politics, because, like many of my peers, I just wanted W out of the White House. I preached that the only way this country could have a true representative of the people was if everyone voted. When I overheard my neighbors on their fire escape talking about how they weren't registered to vote, I stuck my head out the window and said I'd be right up with New York State voter registration cards. I traveled to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri and Ohio to register voters. In fact, I even created an alter ego/superhero, VoteGirl, to encourage young people to vote.

One year later, as another election day draws near, I can't bring myself to vote for either (major) mayoral candidate for New York City.

Bloomberg has done some great things, like 311. And he’s not a bad mayor; I could even put up with another four years of him. But given his plans for the ridiculous overdevelopment of this city, I don’t feel comfortable casting a vote for Mayor Mike.

As far as Freddy, he's had one screw up after another and he hasn't said or done anything to make me believe this city would be any better under his administration than it is under a Bloomberg administration. And I’m certainly not going to vote for him just because he’s a Democrat.

So instead of deciding on one, I’m deciding on none.

Democracy is not about choosing between the lesser of two evils, or even the lesser of two mediocre candidates; it’s about having a choice. And given these choices, I could care less who our next mayor is. So I’m going to leave the decision up to those who give a damn. As someone who’s ambivalent about the outcome, it would be unfair to those who have a stake in this election to vote just for the sake of voting; it would be just as bad as going to the polls uninformed.

But don't give up on VoteGirl yet. On November 8, I'm still going to vote. I'm just going to abstain from voting for mayor.

Emily Farris lives in Brooklyn. You can read more of her ramblings on her blog,